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At Classic Journeys, we often say that we are travelers, not tourists. That’s why we named our online magazine Sojourn, which means a period of time you stay somewhere as a visitor or guest. The operative word is stay. Like a Classic Journeys trip, the stories you read here will draw you into a place by immersing you in its culture, introducing you to its people, familiarizing you with its unique personality so that even though you’ll eventually depart, you’ll never really leave. What’s more, the stories and the places will stay with you.

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Classic Journeys offers cultural walking adventures, culinary tours and family journeys in North America, Latin America, Cuba, Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Guests enjoy luxury accommodations and gourmet meals that reflect the best of each region, coupled with soft adventure activities, daily interactions with locals, and native guides who make countries and cultures come alive.  Full details and links to itineraries are available at www.ClassicJourneys.com.