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5 Classic Journeys Destinations on the Game of Thrones Shot List

Did you know that Game of Thrones shoots largely on location? Yes, that means all those breathtaking landscapes your jaw...

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Caribbean Cuba

Sunny and slower-paced, Cuba’s southern coast is a rich slice of colonial history.    Squeeze sugar cane. Filter juice through...

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The Fine Art of Frog Kissing

On our scouting trips, it can be a real adventure to separate the duds from the delights.   When our...

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Vacation in Croatia Enjoy the Cool Factor

If you think it’s all about Adriatic villages and old traditions, think again.

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If You Want to See the Real Galápagos, Here are 5 Reasons to Skip the Ship

Reasons why an island-based exploration Galápagos tour is a completely different animal to a Galápagos cruise.

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Traveling in Portugal

Meet the Douro Valley's most cordial viscondessa.

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