So you’re ready to book a solo travel adventure? Normandy and Brittany are remarkable places to immerse yourself in history, walk the stunning France coastline and explore centuries-old architecture.

Download an itinerary for Normandy and Brittany or any of our amazing destinations for your solo travel adventure!


Traveling solo need not be a frightening or lonely experience — especially when you join a Classic Journeys Cultural Walking Adventure. With our small groups, you’ll quickly make new friends and meet people with a passion for travel just like you. And, Normandy and Brittany are amazing places to explore with new friends and our personable local guides.

Normandy – D-Day Beach solo travelImagine retracing history on D-Day beaches where you will see ruins of the artificial harbor built in only 15 days in 1944. Pay your respects at the American cemetery in Bayeux. See the famous Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings, when William of Normandy conquered England in 1067.

Your Normandy and Brittany luxury solo travel adventure also includes visits to Honfleur, the lovely birthplace of Impressionism; walks through lush countryside with wooded valleys, cider orchards and quaint villages; and an awe-inspiring trip to Mon-St.-Michel, the island-abbey perched on a 264-foot rock off the coast — and you’ll get there by walking across the bay when the tide ebbs.

Share these experiences with your new group of friends over a glass of wine beside the pool or wander the gardens of the 18th-century château where you’ll spend two relaxing evenings. You’ll experience the rich culture and history of this famous French region, marvel at majestic architecture and delight in some of the finest gastronomic adventures you’ve ever experienced.

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