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National Parks By the Numbers

National Park Statistics in Honor of the 100-Year Anniversary It officially began in 1872, when Yellowstone became the world’s first...

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Exploring our Country’s National Parks

Unraveling the history of America’s National Park System The National Park Service (NPS) provides care and protection to North America’s...

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North America: 8 Trips with a Twist

Closer-to-home trips can be more out-there than you expected.

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Four All-Time Favorite Walking Vacations

These walks give you a deep and peaceful sense of wilderness.

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Walking Vacation: What shoes to choose?

We think a walking vacation is truly the best way to immerse yourself in the culture and everyday life of...

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Where is Your Perfect Family Vacation?

3 Easy steps to choosing the best family vacation in North American this summer.   Start here WHEN IT COMES...

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