traveling with children

Cuban and American Kids Connect (with a little help from our friends).

One of the best benefits of spending extended time in Cuba for the last 4 years, is that we’ve been...

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Five Favorite
Family Kayaking Trips

Nothing says summer vacation like a family kayaking trip. If you love the water, but want a little more from...

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Introducing Coast-to-Coast Travel in Costa Rica

Atlantic to pacific, the diversity is off the charts. The soundtrack of a day in Costa Rica is a crazy...

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If You Want to See the Real Galápagos, Here are 5 Reasons to Skip the Ship

Reasons why an island-based exploration Galápagos tour is a completely different animal to a Galápagos cruise.

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An Italy Vacation with Kids

A new Multisport Family Journey is an indelible introduction to Venice, Florence and Rome.   The first time I set...

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Family Vacation:
A teen’s point of view

We know teenagers. So we can understand how it might be daunting to plan a family vacation that will make...

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