Classic Journeys Is Thrilled To Be A

Travel + Leisure World’s Best Tour Operator

For The 11th Year In A Row!

Every year, in early summer, many hundreds of tour operators start keeping an extra careful eye on their email boxes. It’s that time when Travel + Leisure announces the results of their World’s Best Survey. For each and every one of the last 10 years, we’d been named a World’s Best Tour Operator, but we waited just as nervously in 2017 as we ever have.2017_Travel-+-Leisure_1When the fantastic news arrived – our 11th consecutive year in the Top 10 – we were as thrilled as ever. As they say in the investing world, past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. We start from zero every year, and we know we have to constantly up our game to remain in the crème de la crème.2017_Travel-+-Leisure_3This year, we scored a fantastic 96.2 out of 100. By contrast, the World’s Best International Airline, Singapore, scored a 90. Virgin America, the top ranked domestic airline, came it at 84. We edged the World’s Best Hotel Brand, Six Senses, whose score was 96.15. And our score was higher than all of the World’s Top 15 Cities.2017_Travel-+-Leisure_2The thing is, Travel + Leisure survey doesn’t just count votes, they count the quality of the votes. If you’ve ever participated in the process, you know that they ask you to rank companies you’ve traveled with in the categories of: value, destinations, guides, 5-star lodgings, cuisine and activities.2017_Travel-+-Leisure_4Our consistent spot at the top of the World’s Best list means that those who vote for Classic Journeys give us the highest possible rating virtually every time. That’s way better than just winning a popularity contest! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The way we handcraft trips is what earns Classic Journeys the most stratospheric ratings among a field of contenders that grows bigger and bigger every year. The personal attention we lavish on every trip—and every guest—is a time-intensive and incredibly satisfying commitment.

As I hunt for an eleventh way to say thank you to the travelers who took the time to vote and give Classic Journeys their highest praise, I realize again how lucky I am. And how lucky everyone on the Classic Journeys team is. We get to work, plan and share experiences with the world’s best guests. That’s what makes it fun to come to work every day. Thank You.

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